VIDEO: Milfoil mappers on Horseshoe Pond


Staff video by Joe Phelan

Plant spotters spent Friday on a slow boat scouring the bottom of Horseshoe Pond.
The Youth Plant Patrol team of Cameron Dufour, of Augusta, and Katie Jennings, of Readfield, mapped the vegetation found there for Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed, a group hoping that early detection of invasive plants will speed response and control.
Dufour and Jennings operated the 10-foot “L’il Otter,” as they trolled around the pond where shorefront is divided between Litchfield and West Gardiner. Their target was variable leaf milfoil.
“They want us to keep track of where it is and how big the infested area is so they can put down mats or use some other control measure,” Dufour said.