Police stop dog attack with Tasers

WESTBROOK -- Two officers used their Taser guns to immobilize an aggressive man and his dog Saturday, according to police.

Police deployed their Tasers after Christopher "CJ" Dunaway, 28, took an "aggressive fighting stance" and ordered his pit bull terrier to attack officers. Dunaway was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal threatening and refusing to submit to arrest. Police said they also expect Dunaway to be charged with keeping a dangerous dog.

Dunaway was one of the suspects in a street fight around River and North that was reported shortly after midnight.

Police found Dunaway at his home on River Street after the suspects ran away. Dunaway shouted obscenities and threatened by-standers and officers before retreating into his apartment, according to police. 

Officers followed him, but Dunaway refused to surrender and had the dog charge the officers, police said. 

Sgt. Anthony Ciampi and Officer Jeff Stackpole simultaneously deployed their Tasers, hitting the dog and owner.

Another suspect in the fight, Kenneth "JD" Durgin, 28, was arrested for disorderly conduct, assault and terrorizing.