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Press Play with Videoport Jones - A Serious Man, The Time Traveler's Wife and Couples Retreat

Have the Coen brothers driven a wedge between Justin and Videoport Jones?

Jumpstarting film work in Maine through Facebook

What's it gonna take to stir up a few more jobs for independent videographers, actors, and directors in Maine?

A Facebook page, hopefully.

Playing for Kicks: Girls Rock! at Space

If pop culture has taught us anything it's that "chicks dig musicians." Maybe we should amend that to "chicks dig being musicians."

MuseumU: College night comes to the Portland Museum of Art

For most of us there is no greater price than FREE. Anyone who has spent 5 minutes on CraigsList knows this. (Also, stay far far away from "casual encounters." *shudder*)

Press Play with Videoport Jones - Zombieland, Cold Souls and More Than a Game

Normally it would be a good week, in fact a high-performing week, if movies featuring zombies, NBA stars and Paul Giamatti were all released on DVD. You would think that.

Press Play with Videoport Jones - Surrogates, Whip It and Soul Power

On this day we do not just celebrate the release of another mediocre science fiction movie about humanity led astray by technology, no, we also celebrate the degredation of the dead (in the form of

Night Moves: 6 Ways to Keep School Dances

Once again the dance moves of high schoolers have captured the minds of adults. At least in the Bangor area.

Press Play with Videoport Jones - The Invention of Lying, Pandorum and Gamer

In this week's episode Justin and Videoport Jones have to contend with Three Men and a Funny Lady in the latest round-up of new DVD releases! Pot smoking suburbanites? Creepy space aliens?

SOUND OFF: Is the Internet really helping spread King's message?

Thanks to history class and years of Martin Luther King Jr. breakfasts, workshops and events, most of us know where this quote comes from:

Press Play with Videoport Jones - Big Fan, Moon and The Hurt Locker

Perhaps there is hope yet for the future of DVD releases in 2010!

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