See exclusive Halo Reach footage and win prizes at local Gamestop

If you've been itching for more news about Halo Reach, you might just have a chance Friday night if you're in the Portland area. As part of a promotional deal, the Gamestop near Target will be holding a special after-hours event tomorrow (Friday) from 9pm to 10:30, and they will be showcasing never-before-seen Halo Reach footage along with giving participants a chance to win a life-size Halo statue. Visit this page for more details (and to find more participating locations in Maine).

I'm on the fence with the Halo series (just couldn't get into it), but I did try the Halo Reach beta when I first got my new 360, and I have to say, the multiplayer was really good. The single-player is supposed to be a different kind of monster, so expect to see some footage from that and the new Firefight mode.

If anyone ends up going, let me know if it was worth your time. I'd hate to think I was stealing precious hours from your gaming time!